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My Craft Room Tour

My Craft Room Tour

Hi there friends!

I have been teasing little snippets of my craft room on my Instagram and snapchat stories for months now, so I am very excited to finally bring this post to you. I have always dreamed of having my own space where I can paint, sew, create, design, and make anything my artsy little heart desires, so I saved up every penny I have to create my very own craft room. It's not super big but it was made with love and is a place I can be surrounded by color, materials, and tools that allow me to bring my vision to life- which is a really cool feeling. I am going to share some pictures with you and little facts and tidbits about what makes up my craft area, and I really hope you love it as much as I do!


My Craft Room Tour


TA-DAH! So here is the overall view of my craft area. I decided to put it in this corner of my room as I wanted to have the natural light from the window, but I added this simple lamp as well so that I have enough light to work at night (because most of my crafting takes place late at night when I'm feeling the most creative anyways). Here are a few fun things to point out here:

  • I hand painted the Prada Canvas on the wall because I didn't have the money to actually buy one, you can tell I made it because I forgot to write "MI" for "Miles" at the bottom of the sign!

  • I made the Sweet Treat Garland that is hanging above my craft shelves for the kitchen in my first apartment and wanted to display it in my new room, I will be sharing a tutorial on how to make your own garland in early March!

  • That tall grey thing in the corner is actually a roll of fancy leather- my dad works for a furniture company and surprised me with rolls of suede and leather that he bought at their end of year warehouse sale (my parents rock)

Alrighty, it's time for the details!


My Main Desk

While I have two desks in this area, I predominantly use this desk because it is significantly wider than the other one. I bought this desk from IKEA and built it myself, which means I am either getting really good at carpentry or just happened to find a piece of furniture from IKEA that doesn't make you question your entire existence during the assembly process.


The Sliding Feature

I chose this desk because A) it was white like my other one and B) it has this super cool slide out feature. I liked having this here so I could have extra workspace for some projects but roll it back under the table for the rest of the time to maximize the space I have.


Marble Countertop

I wanted to be able to use this slide out surface as a backdrop for my jewelry photography, so I bought this grey granite marble effect contact paper and cut it to fit the area. It's perfect for when I want a cute backdrop for an insta or etsy pic, and I personally think it looks fancy AF.


Cricut Storage

I adore my cricut machine but knew I needed to be smart about storing all of the different tools and supplies in a way that wasn't overwhelming. The side of this desk was the perfect size for these cricut mats, so I just stuck a command hook at the top and BAM look at that super sleek storage solution.


Speaking of the cricut...

Have I mentioned how much I love this thing?! I actually used it to create all of the labels for my drawer organization which you will see a little more of towards the end of this post. The machine comes in a number of different colors but the white and gold is definitely the best match for the rest of my workspace.


Small Tool Organization

I found these awesome (and super cheap!) utensil holders in the kitchen section of IKEA and thought they would be perfect for all of my pencils, markers, and smaller cricut tools. I hung them directly above my cricut and used the machine to create gold vinyl labels for each container.



So cute right...


Gotta love that lamp

This lamp was a great purchase because it's not super big and obnoxious and yet gives off tons of light, so having a great light source in any craft or hobby area is definitely a necessity.


Those shelves though...

I got my first craft storage shelf on my 14th birthday, and I loved it so much I saved up for a second one (I think they were only $60 but it felt like a fortune at the time!) I have had these babies for over 8 years now and aside from gluing a few broken pieces here and there they have held up really well. I love being able to see a ton of my supplies and materials all in one place, and I draped a cheap flower garland from Michael's Craft Store along the top to carry the pink color throughout the entire craft area.


I love color coordinating

so naturally I was pumped to organize all of my materials by color. Whether it's my gloss paints, fabric paint, or polymer clay, I love having everything perfectly coordinated.


Ribbons Ribbons Ribbons!

My ribbons are the only thing I don't color coordinate as I'm constantly changing the ribbons on this holder so I would be using up a ton of time to reorganize them every time, but I love having them on this rod so that I can easily trim off as much as I need.


Bits and Bobs

I like adding a personal touch to my workspace, so I include lots of framed photographs of me with family members and friends on my desk. I also display a Barbie doll as I grew up making outfits for my Barbie dolls so I consider them to be a major reason why I love creating things in the first place.


It's not complete without a unicorn!

I found this ceramic unicorn head at Marshall's for $6 which is a total steal, and I use it to prop up all of my favorite craft books and binders.


All gold everythaaang

Just like my white and gold cricut machine, all of my stationary items are gold too! I love the gold and acrylic stapler and tape dispenser from Kate Spade, and I found this cute litte bathtub on etsy to hold paperclips and washi tape.


My Inspiration Wall

Inspiration can strike at any moment, so I use this thin section of wall to display color swacthes, magazine cutouts, restaurant menus, and anything else that inspires me. Unsurprisingly there's a whole lot of pink on this wall!


An element of sweetness!

Just like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I made this pink sweet treat garland for my old apartment and think it adds a really nice touch to my craft area. The pink food on the garland really bring the color scheme to every part of the room, from floor to ceiling!


Desk number two:

I primarily use this desk for storage as it has two wide desk drawers and plenty of room underneath for additional craft storage. I also use this desk as my main sewing table as I get the most natural light from the window directly above the machine, making it the best spot for sewing.

Here's another shot of the second desk!

Here's another shot of the second desk!


Drawer #1: Paper and Cardstock

I looove colorful paper, so this drawer full cardstock and patterned paper makes my heart sing. I make sure I can see a little bit of every paper so that I don't have to go digging through to find the right color.


Drawer #2: Cards and Envelopes

I love writing letters and cards, so this drawer contains all of my letter writing materials. I will be sharing a post with my favorite cards from Papyrus next week, so stay tuned for that!


Organizing my craft drawers

I bought the white wooden drawers from Michael's craft store and the plastic ones from Walmart, and I used my cricut (can you tell how much I love this thing yet?!) to make the colorful labels for all of the drawers.


Sewing Machine

My mum gave me her sewing machine when I moved out of the house, and it is one of the most wonderful gifts she has ever given me. For those of you wondering what type of machine it is, it's the BERNINA Activa 210.


Next to the sewing machine...

is even more storage! The plastic boxes hold different gemstones, beads, and charms used for jewelry making, and the upright plastic drawers include additional jewelry making supplies like cords, chain, and ribbon. Yet again, I made the script drawer labels with my cricut. The folders hold designs, ideas, receipts, various documents, and all that good stuff.


Brush Displays

Just like the rest of my tools and supplies, I like to have my brushes on display so that I can easily access them when needed. I use old jars to hold them and arrange the brushes by size.

Just a few more details here- a photograph of me with my amazing mother, another fabulous Barbie doll, and a number of craft journals that are filled with colorful illustartions and creative ideas.

Just a few more details here- a photograph of me with my amazing mother, another fabulous Barbie doll, and a number of craft journals that are filled with colorful illustartions and creative ideas.


So there you have it,

the official tour of my craft room! I have really poured my heart and soul into creating this area where I can embrace every crazy idea that pops into my head, so I really hope you enjoyed seeing all of the fun little details in this post.

Thank you so much for checking out this post, and let me know what your favorite part is! Whether you like the meticulous organization or the fun pink color scheme, I always love hearing your feedback. Next week we will be sharing the Papyrus post followed by the DIY garland post and an awesome 80s patch jacket post, so stay tuned for all the fun stuff coming your way soon!

Until Next Time,

Tesni Alys


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