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Favorite Finds: Etsy Bath Shops!

Favorite Finds: Etsy Bath Shops!

Disclaimer: Products in this post were gifted items from Etsy sellers, but all opinions are my own and I do not profit from the sale of any items mentioned in this article.

Haaai everyone! 

The post I have been teasing on my Instagram for over a month is FINALLY HERE! If you've been wanting to know more about some of the amazing products that I've been showing and the cute little shops behind them, you've come to the right place.

To give you a little background on why I wanted to write this post, I have been obsessed with bath products my whole life. Do you remember when you were little and bath time was so fun because you got to play with bath toys and buckets and mermaid Barbie? Well I think bath bombs, whipped sugar scrubs, and gorgeous soaps are just the adult equivalent of those fun little bath toys. As I am already a child trapped in a 21-year-olds body as it is, I am utterly obsessed with fun and colorful bath products.

Don't believe me? This is how a shelf in my bathroom looks.

My bath bombs even have their own tiny bath tub, now that's dedication.

My bath bombs even have their own tiny bath tub, now that's dedication.

Told you so.

ANYWAYS the reason I decided to write this post is because I feel like everyone and their mother knows about Lush products, but there are so many other AH-MAZING bath companies out there that offer even better products that are even cheaper than Lush! Better products and a lower price point? Umm yes, obviously I had to make a post about this.

I scoured the internet searching for some awesome companies and tested out some of their products, and I am in love with ALL OF THEM. I'll never buy bath products from anywhere else from here on out. So enough blabbering on my part, it's time to introduce you to some of my favorite products from my new favorite shops!

Mod Bath and Body

I knew Mod would have some pretty great products because I had heard about their bath bombs before I even saw them on Etsy, but I was seriously blown away by the quality of their products. From the packaging to the product itself, everything was so professionally done! I loved trying out all of their products, so let me show you a little more about some of the different surprises that came in their cute little box!

Let's start with one of my favorite bath bombs to date- this Cotton Candy Bath Bomb! I'm not kidding guys, this literally smells like delicious mouth-watering cotton candy. As a sweet and sugar obsessed individual I could not get over how good this bomb smelled. I literally didn't use it for two weeks because I wanted to keep smelling it. The colors are so vibrant and my whole bathroom smelled like heaven for a whole week after using it, so clearly I'm a massive fan. Here's a picture of my colorful bathtub thanks to this vibrant bath bomb:


Pretty awesome right? I'm obsessed. You can buy this cotton candy bath bomb right here, or check out the rest of the gorg bath bombs here.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how adorable this soap is?! You guys know how much I love cake and cupcakes, so the fact that this soap has frosting, sprinkles, and a cherry on top is just waaaay too perfect. Just like the cotton candy bath bomb, this soap smelled amazing and was just like a yummy black raspberry vanilla cupcake! I also really love Mod's sleek and simple packaging, it looks professional without distracting from the pretty products themselves. Shop this delicious soap and the rest of Mod's colorful artisan soap by clicking right here.

Okay so if you've spent five or so minutes on either my blog or Instagram you'll know that I love unicorns. Seriously- I loved them way before Starbucks Unicorn Frappes were a thing. SOOO I'm sure you can imagine how pumped I was when I opened the Mod package and found this UNICORN DREAMER SUGAR SCRUB INSIDE!!! It's a tough call, but this might just be my favorite product from Mod. It's so bright and colorful, smells amazing, and lathers up into the nicest soapy scrub ever. I'm really not exaggerating here, this stuff is amazing. The second this tub is finished I'm ordering 5 more because I need more Unicorn scrub in my life. Get the scrub right here, and we can finally be Unicorn sistas. 

Last but not least, Jamie (the owner of Mod) is such a sweetheart and it's nice to know your products are coming from a kind and hardworking person- and not a factory somewhere! You can follow her on Instagram right here for some really cool behind-the-scenes looks at how the products are made, and you can check out the rest of Mod Bath and Beauty's perfect little shop,right here! Just don't blame me when you spend your rent money on scrubs, soaps, and bath bombs.

Buzz Beauty Products

I'm a big fan of trying new kinds of products I haven't heard of before, so I really loved testing everything in this adorable package from Buzz Beauty Products! This is an Australian based company, so I'd like to think I'm a little cooler now that I've tried some Aussie products. Take a peek below to see some of the goodies from this wonderful shop!

Please ignore the paint on my hands, there isn't a single day that goes by where I don't have some trace of paint on my body.

Please ignore the paint on my hands, there isn't a single day that goes by where I don't have some trace of paint on my body.

IT SPARKLES! I love how colorful and glittery this bath bomb is, it looks like something a mermaid would love (and yes, I do love mermaids just as much as I love unicorns). I'll be honest with you, I was worried that the glitter would leave my bathtub a complete mess and I would be cleaning glitter out of my bathroom for the next two months, but there wasn't a single trace of glitter left on me or in the tub! I was honestly mindblown. Either the designers at Buzz Beauty used a glitter that dissolves in water or this is some straight up mermaid magic, but either way I'm happy because I had a sparkly relaxing bath without all the glittery cleanup afterward! Here's how my bathtub looked in the midst of this mezmerizing mermaid bomb:

Gorgeous right?! If you're looking for a magical and relaxing bath, this bath bomb is an absolute must. Click here to see all of Buzz Beauty's awesome bath bombs!

I LOVE THIS. This Malibu Pink Solid Bubble Bath bar is the stuff dreams are made of. It smells heavenly and is a beautiful bright pink (and you know how much I love pink), not to mention it makes an insanely bubbly bath! I didn't realize just how many bubbles a piece of this bar would create. This was my first time using a bubble bar rather than typical bubble bath liquid, and I gotta say I'm a big fan. Something tells me I won't be switching back to regular bath liquid anytime soon! Check out this perfect pink bubble bar right here, and the rest of Buzz Beauty's bath related products here!

Please ignore my weird green nail beds. That's what you get for painting your nails a bright teal the day before a shoot and quickly realizing that it doesn't come off all your fingers!

Please ignore my weird green nail beds. That's what you get for painting your nails a bright teal the day before a shoot and quickly realizing that it doesn't come off all your fingers!

Even though I'm a self-proclaimed bath bomb fanatic, I really love and appreciate a high-quality soap too. This Rose Clay & Mandarin soap is one of my new fave soaps because of how gentle it is. No harsh chemicals or rough exfoliants, just a soft, smooth soap. I love it. If you're a little less flashy than I am and would rather go the more simple route, this vegan and cruelty-free soap is gonna be your new best fraand. Shop it here, with the rest of the soap collection right here.

I know these next two products aren't technically bath products (although there's nothing stopping you from taking them in the bath- you do you boo) but I wanted to include them because they're two more great products! I love a good lipstick but they can dry your lips out after a while, so this simple lip balm is an absolute lifesaver. Just like the rest of Buzz Beauty's products, these are vegan and free of any harsh chemicals.

Currently lovin' this charcoal face mask! This was the first charcoal face product I have used, and I was extremely satisfied with the results! My skin is so soft, and it really evened out my skin tone too which was a nice surprise! Click here for this miracle-working face mask! PS here's me looking like a total legend in this mask, enjoy:

RESPECT THE PRINCESS PAJAMAS. PS They're from ASOS which is the best place to buy PJ's if you lookin'

RESPECT THE PRINCESS PAJAMAS. PS They're from ASOS which is the best place to buy PJ's if you lookin'

In conclusion, I'm a big fan of the wide variety of Buzz Beauty products (in case that wasn't obvious from the zillion photos). You can check out her Instagram right here and her entire Etsy shop here!

Georgia Charms Cosmetics

This was one of the first Etsy bath bomb shops I came across because I was searching for unicorn related things (you know, like most people do) and products from this adorable shop popped up! They have a bunch of gorgeous products and even have a whopping 40 OZ bath bomb, (which is next on my purchase list for sure) but right now I'm going to show you my two current faves!

IT'S A UNICORN HORN! A UNIHORN! (Props to my dad for coming up with that one)

I'm in love with how cool and colorful this horn is, and it smells AMAZING too (I know I've said amazing like ten times but it's the best word for this situation okaay??). This is a bubble bar, which means I can break a little piece off everytime I take a bath and it makes my regular bath time into a bubbly unicorn dream! If you like color and fun and all things mythical, you need this bubble bar in your life. Buy it here, and thank me later.

Nicole, the mastermind behind GeorgiaCharms, has some of the most creative bubble bars I've ever seen so you're gonna want to check the rest of these out too.

A pink blue and yellow bath bomb that smells like fresh strawberries?! Sign me up. Just like the unicorn horn, the delicious smell from this bath bomb was unreal and my bathroom still smells like how I imagine the cloud land in the Care Bears smells like aka fluffy and clean and fresh and amazing. The coolest part? There was an adorable tiny unicorn charm inside this bath bomb the whole time! I legit had no idea so after my bath, I was like "What on earth is that little silver thing in my bath?!" and then I found an adorable tiny unicorn! So cool and creative- I totally dig it. Buy this magical bath bomb here and experience the amazingness for yourself.

Check out the images below of how colorful and gorgeous your bath becomes when you mix it with this showstopping bath bomb!

So colorful and pretty! Seriously treat yo self, I promise it will be worth it.

SURPRISE TIME! Georgia Charms has decided to give everyone who orders something from their shop 15% OFF when you use the code Tesni15, how cool is that?! Click right here to get shopping, and don't forget to use that fabulous code at checkout for 15% off your entire purchase! 

You can follow this adorable shop on Instagram here, I totes recommend it for seeing super cool stuff like that ginormous bath bomb I was talking about earlier!

Pink Parchment Soaps

I've seen many beautiful soaps and bath bombs in my day, but these goodies from Pink Parchment Soaps are truly something else. Scroll down to see why these gorgeous products are fit for a Queen (and also totally something I could see Kate Middleton having in her royal bathroom)


First of all, I love the fancy ladylike names of these products, and the bath bombs themselves have little heart confetti or splashes of pink that make these already-ultra-classy bath bombs look even nicer! All you need is a fancy New York apartment, a glass of Chardonnay, and these gorgeous bombs and you'll feel like you're in an episode of Sex and the City. Love Love Love. You can buy the Moon Glow Bath Bomb right here, and the Pink Mimosa bath bomb here.

Yaaas it's soap time again. This Bon Matin soap made me feel so French and fancy (fancy is my new fave word FYI) and it's the most gorgeous color you can imagine. It looks like a watercolor painting because of the different pink swirls throughout. This soap has a very calming and relaxing smell, which is perfect after a long tiring day. If you want to love this soap as much as I already do, treat yourself and check it out here.

I was so happy to see not one but TWO gorgeous soaps in this package because I'm already completely obsessed with them. This Honeysuckle Rose soap has a gorgeous floral scent that, just like the other products from Pink Parchment Soaps, is unbelievably calming and relaxing. As someone who is always on-the-go and rushing everywhere, I'm a huge fan of these products because they help me fully relax and take some valuable time to myself. If you're like me and need some quality relaxation time, you can pick up some soap of your own right here.

If you're looking for some classy gorgeous bath products, Pink Parchment Soaps will be your new best friend. You can follow them on Instagram here, and check out their seriously wonderful shop right here.

 Little Luxuries Soapworks

Last but certainly not least! Little Luxuries Soapworks For USA included so many amazing products in their package that I was like a kid in a candy store when I opened the box! There's so much fun stuff to talk about here, so I'm gonna get right into it.

Umm WOW right?! So much fun colorful stuff here. In this photo there are bath bombs, soap, lotions, and whipped sugar scrubs- can you see them all?? Little Luxuries totally spoiled me with this package, and I love how much color is in it! You guys know I'm a big fan of anything bright and colorful, so this is a total dream come true. Keep reading below to see some close-up pics and reasons why I love these products!

SO MUCH PINK I'm in heaven. In this photo you can see the watermelon and pink sugar bath bombs, as well as the beautiful pink Rice Flower soap and Sex on the Beach lotion! I loved all of these products because they were pink BUT ALSO because they smell wonderful and were really high quality products. The lotion is probably my all-time favorite lotion because it has such a beautiful summery smell!

I was introduced to whipped soaps very recently, so I really love that Little Luxuries offers a few different whipped soaps to choose from. They're so light and fluffy, and they're amazingly gentle on your skin. If you have sensitive skin like me, drop whatever you're doing and purchase one of these bad boys right now. While you're at it, take your time looking through the rest of the Little Luxuries products because there are sooooo many to choose from! This whipped soap gets two big thumbs up from me!

Of course I had to end with a pink product, so here we have one of my favorite bath bombs- Pink Sugar! It smells like sweet and sugary goodness and turns your bath water a super fun hot pink. If only water in general could always be hot pink...

But seriously, I love this pretty pink product. These bath bombs are only $2.69 (which is like $6 cheaper than LUSH bath bombs) so come on- what are you waiting for?? Check out all of Little Luxuries cute bath bombs right here!



You've made it all the way to the end, which is impressive as I crammed so many images, links, and words in there! I really do hope you like the products and shops I shared, I stand by each and every one of them. Everyone I collaborated with on this post was so kind and awesome, and it really does make you feel great when you know you're buying a special product from a truly nice person. SOOO thank you to all of the wonderful people I got to work with on this post, and thank all of you wonderful people for reading it! Don't forget to go check out all those amazing companies and support small businesses :)

Until next time,


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