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DIY $29 Target Utility Cart Makeover

DIY $29 Target Utility Cart Makeover

Hi my favorite people!

If you couldn't tell from my last post, I'm suuuuper into DIY furniture makeovers at the moment! Partly from my love of crafting and partly from my teeny budget, I've gotten pretty creative these past couple weeks in terms of furniture makeovers- and I'm sharing some more of them with you!

Today I'm gonna show you how I turned THIS $29 Target utility cart...

Into THIS gorgeous gold bar cart!

Pretty cute right?!

Pretty cute right?!

Just like with my last post, I used a $7 can of gold spray paint from my second home, Michael's Craft Store, to transform a boring silver cart into this classy gold one. I had some extra pink spray paint leftover from my appliances makeover so I used that on the wheels to sneak my first element of pink in there (it obviously was not gonna be the last!)

While the spray painting was super quick and easy, the hard part of this makeover was going to be decorating and filling up this empty utility cart! Sooo here are lots of the pieces that I found to make this empty cart look a lot more fun and colorful!

Hand Towels

Every good bar cart needs towels, and these two hang perfectly off the cart's handle! The white towel says 'Cheers!" and was actually a holiday towel from Marshall's that I got for 60% off after Christmas, so that's a great example of how you can repurpose holiday items for other occasions. This adorable pink tea towel was from Francesca's and is unfortunately sold out, but you can check out the rest of their amazing bar accessories right here.

Glassware & Drinkware

FYI I have a lot of cool drinkware on this cart so this section will include lots of pictures. I believe in carrying a theme throughout your entire project, so I was insanely happy when I received these glasses as a gift because they fit my cart perfectly! From the gold writing to the sassy phrases, these glasses were meant to be on this cart.

I found these glasses at Marshall's (pro tip: Marshall's is great for adorable bar and kitchen accessories. And, like, everything else too?) and bought a few different styles to go on the second shelf of the cart. They work really well when you have people over because they're all a little different and therefore it's super easy to keep track of which drink is yours.

THE DISCO DRINK!!! I'm obsessed with this disco drink from Packed Party, it's literally the cutest cup I've ever owned and all of my friends practically fight each other for it. This cup is the perfect way to add some fun to this cart, and I totally recommend you find a cool signature cup for your cart too. Whatever your theme is, I'm sure you'll be able to find a fun cup that matches it!


I know what you're thinking-

"Wait how is 'Barware' different from 'Drinkware'?!"

and honestly I couldn't tell you but google told me they're different and I know better than to go up against google on stuff like this. Sooo Barware it is! First up is napkins because you gotta have some quality napkins for your guests, and yet again Marshall's comes in clutch with the discounted Holiday napkins! Not sure why napkins with a T on them are considered Holiday napkins but I don't curr because having my first inital on napkins is fancy AF so I got them. I also found these cute pink chevron napkins at Party City for just $2.99!

I wasn't really intending on getting straws, but I saw these unicorn ones for just $2 at Target and decided I just had to get them. I love anything unicorn themed, and the colors went really well with the rest of the cart too. The pink candy cane straws were also a Party City find, and that store will be your new bestie if you're planning a party so get your butt there asap before I buy everything.

No bar is complete without a cocktail shaker, and this sassy one was destined to be a part of my cart. This was from TJ Maxx, they have a bunch of great cocktail shakers there and even those cool Moscow Mule cups. Also peep the white marble coasters- when you work this hard on transforming your apartment there's no way you're letting anyone put their red wine down without a frickin' coaster.

Decor/Fun Stuff

I LOVE THIS SIGN. It's a lightbox and the whole thing looks like an old-fashioned cinema marquee when it's all lit up! My one issue with this is that it's like a magnet for boys because the first thing they do when they see it is to write some variation of the word Penis on there. I kid you not, I never realized how simple men were until I watched them all gravitate to this just to write out the word penis. Honestly, I think psychologists should study this phenomenon. Also sorry to my mum and aunties who might be reading this and have now read the word penis for the third time. In other news, this super chic lightbox is from the one and only Heidi Swapp.

While the boys are using the lightbox to write penis, the girls are endlessly dinging this bell. I swear, it's the weirdest thing. At some point I will train a dog to bring me a bottle of champagne as soon as this bell has been rung, but for now it'll just have to sit here and look cute. Or maybe I could train my boyfriend? Jury's still out on this one.

I love pineapples and ice cream, so it was a no-brainer that some of my decor had to feature those two things. I found the pineapple at Burlington Coat Factory (my first time there so a solid first visit), and I made the ice cream at one of those paint-your-own-pottery places. The coolest part about the ice cream?...

...IT'S HOME TO ALL OF MY WINE CHARMS!! I keep all the little charms and drink markers in here so that people can grab one to mark their drink if they want to, Francesca's and Pier 1 usually have a great selection!

Because who doesn't love a good party horn?! Yet again I had to google this and apparently that's what they're called.

Finally, make sure to get some much-needed signage in there. The sassier, the better.

Here are some more pics of my bar cart, and I should also mention I made the tassel garland and will be putting up a tutorial soon on how to make your own colorful tassel garlands!

So there it is- my latest apartment craft! What did you think of this one, and what do you want to see next on the blog? Let me know your thoughts, and stay tuned for more fun posts coming your way soon!

Until next time,

Tesni Alys

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