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2017 Swimsuit Post

2017 Swimsuit Post


If you saw the cover image for this post that says "2017 Swimsuit Post" and think I might have lost my mind- don't worry, I know it's 2018!! The reason this is my 2017 post is because all of these photos were taken last year and the post was originally scheduled for August 2017, but then life went completely crazy and I only just finished it now. By making this my 2017 post that also means I can make a 2018 post, so YAY for more swimsuits!

I won't bore you with the nitty gritty details, but the end to my 2017 was super busy and stressful. I was working 60+ hours a week, eating terribly, and feeling really stressed about life in general. I took some time to recoup, prioritize, and decide what I want to focus on in 2018. One of those things is getting back to posting on my blog more regularly, starting with this swimsuit post and following up with plenty of craft tutorials, clothing and accessory posts, and the room tours you guys requested through Instagram!

So I hope with all that said you will forgive me for the crazy delay on this post. I didn't get to dedicate as much time as I would have liked to it, and I also had to send a lot back this year which is something I haven't really dealt with in the past. Usually I fall in love with everything I get sent and am pumped to show it off to you guys, but I'm not going to share something with you if I don't think it's a high quality bangin' product. I got sent suits that were either cheaply made or straight up unflattering, and I value my credibility more than free swimsuits (thankfully). I ended up sending seven different suits back and ran out of time this summer to set up relationships with new brands, so I made the decision to make this a mini post and focus more of my energy on my upcoming posts and then making my next swimsuit post the

As always, I've included links to these products along with the images so that you can shop any pieces you like- and a bunch of them are on sale now too! So maybe it was a good thing it took me a zillion years to get this thing finished?

Now that you're over my wicked long intro, welcome to my...


Summer Swimsuit Mini Post


Disclaimer: aside from brightening the color in these images, these photographs have not been altered or photoshopped. I want you to see these suits on a real person and not an airbrushed Barbie doll, which is why you'll see bruises, scars, terrible tan lines, and all that good stuff. 

Second Disclaimer: I play a lot of rugby and other super physical sports which is why I have a lot of bruises, so please don't be alarmed by them. I have the worlds sweetest boyfriend and I feel so bad whenever we're in public and I'm covered in black-and-blues because some people assume they are from him. SO please don't worry, it's just a combination of tough sports and easily-bruised skin!


Zaful White Bandeau Bikini

That blobby shin bruise tho

That blobby shin bruise tho

As you guys should already know by now, when it comes to clothing I typically opt for anything with bright vibrant colors or fun crazy patterns. This white high cut bikini is pretty much the opposite of what I would usually wear, but I just fell in love with the sheer simplicity of it. The cut of the bikini is super flattering (more on my love of the 80s high cut silhouette below!) and the simple white color allowed me to pair it with fun and more colorful accessories like this pink unicorn hat and rose gold shades. You can click here for this stylish white two piece and here for the rose gold sunnies.


Batoko Dinosass One Piece

I'm a big fan of anything a little weird/different/quirky, so this lavender dinosaur swimsuit and I are a total match made in heaven. While I love the soft purple color and the fun print, my favorite thing about this suit has to be the fit. This one piece fits like a glove and held everything in place while I was cliff diving, jet skiing, and surfing this past summer, so it passed the Tesni Fit Test with flying colors. The dinosaur print could potentially make any swimsuit look childish, but the body hugging fit makes it look sleek, stylish, and sexy instead. If you love rocking a fun and unique swimsuit as much as I do, click here to buy your own!


Zaful Yellow Bandeau Bikini

High cut swimsuits and bikinis reminiscent of the 80's are totally having a moment, and I am so here for it. I always thought that the retro high cut look was super flattering, so I was pumped to try out a few different high cut options for this years post. I love this yellow bandeau bikini for it's bright summery color, and it comes with an optional strap you can add on to switch up the style. It comes with padding but I felt it made the top look weird so I pulled them out, so don't buy this suit solely on the "padded" aspect. A lot of you always ask me about Zaful because their suits are super cheap and come from China which are usually two red flags about ordering online, so here's my honest opinion: you get what you pay for. At the end of the day these bikinis are $10-20 so they won't last forever, but all of the ones I received fit true-to-size and were really good quality considering the price. I have a feeling this bikini would wear down pretty quickly, but for $17 I think it's totally worth it. To buy your own sunshine yellow bandeau bikini, click here!



White Flowered Open Back One Piece

If this suit looks familiar, it's because it has already been featured on my blog once before! I recently posted a tutorial on how to make this super cute flowered one piece, and you can click here to check it out if you haven't already. Aside from loving how this suit turned out, I'm including it again here so you can check out Rosegal- the site I bought the original white one piece swimsuit from. Just like Zaful, the majority of their products are really reasonably priced and I recommend them to my friends when they need a bunch of swimsuits for a spring break trip but don't want to shell out the big bucks for them.


Kenny Flowers Pina Colorada Shirt

As there is more to summer attire than just bikinis and one pieces, I decided to share some of my favorite cover-ups/accessories too! As this shirt is both colorful and features a cool pattern (fun fact- I love pineapples. I even have a pink pineapple decal on my car!), it's no surprise that it's one of my summer must-haves. Made from 100% rayon, this tropical shirt from Kenny Flowers is the perfect lightweight piece to throw on top of your swimsuit while you're at the beach, on a yacht, or toss it in your suitcase for your much-needed vacay. This limited edition shirt is made in Bali and is available right here- 10/10 would recommend.


Kini Flowers Wrap

Also from Kenny Flowers, this versatile wrap in the pattern The 51st Shade is a game changer when it comes to cover-ups. There are 14 (!) different ways to style this wrap so, if you think about it, it's basically like buying 14 different yes please. I typically wear this wrap as a sarong (as pictured above) because some of these bikinis are pretty bootylicious and I like to be able to cover up a wee bit on my way to and from the beach. You can shop this specific wrap right here and all of the other patterns here too!


For those of you that came here specifically for the giveaway (girl I get it, 90% of the time I'm tagging my friends on insta just so that I can win free stuff that I have no real use for), you're finally here! All you have to do is subscribe to TesniAlys (peep the sidebar for the subscribe box) and follow my new Instagram @shoptesnialys to win this adorable blue bikini. That's it! What a simple way to win a super cute suit eh?! Winner will be announced on the @shoptesnialys Instagram story on February 25th!

Did we mention this popular blue bikini is already sold out everywhere else? Seriously what are you waiting for...                   


And there you have it- my super late 2017 swimsuit post. I hope you liked my picks, and as always I wanna hear your feedback! What did you think of the bikinis, one-pieces, cover ups, and the companies behind them? Share your opinion in the comments section below and the first five comments will receive a freebie gift from my etsy shop :)

Lastly, I'll leave you with this hilarious photograph of a complete stranger who couldn't help but get involved in our photoshoot and show me some new poses. I wish everyone was as fun and random as this guy.

I'm fully aware that I'm being out-fierced in this shot. It's cool I guess.

I'm fully aware that I'm being out-fierced in this shot. It's cool I guess.


Until next time,

Tesni Alys

PS follow me bish @tesnialys

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