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The Return of the One Piece

The Return of the One Piece


The one-piece-swimsuit-post that I have been talking about, snap chatting, and teasing on Instagram is officially live! And don't worry I will refrain from posting a swimsuit pic to social media for at least a month after this article :)

I have always been a fan of one piece swimsuits (being on a swim team for many years is probably the reason for that) but I found it so difficult to find cute one pieces to wear on the beach and not just as swim practice. Don't get me wrong I love a good bikini, but I've always felt that one pieces are much more flattering to my athletic figure despite the fact that I could only find them in either boring colors or unattractive patterns.

That is until the wonderful summer of 2K16.

High cut one piece swimsuits that were trendy in the 80's are totally making a comeback and I could not be happier about it. I scoured the internet and practically camped out at some of my favorite stores to bring you guys my favorite swimsuits for the summer, so I hope you love these picks as much as I do! Like always, I have included the links so that you can rock these fashionable pieces too.

Alright fam let's get to it.


The Return of the One Piece


Squad Swimsuit from Dippin' Daisy's

Seen as I've been taking squad pics with my friends for over a year I felt like it was about time I owned this swimsuit. Aside from being wonderfully sassy, it's a super sleek design that goes well with any sunglasses, hats, etc. The black color is super flattering and the high cut sides are really on trend this summer. You can order your squad suit here for just $24.99!


USA Swimsuit from Forever 21

This suit has been a HUGE hit every time I've worn it so far this summer. People can't seem to decide if it's more like Miley Cyrus or Beyonce, but either way it's a pretty great suit. This suit is really fitted and works wonders on the booty, and I totally recommend it no matter what your body type. You can buy it here to unleash your inner athlete/Miley/Beyonce next time you hit the beach.


Leaf Print Plunging Neck Swimsuit from Zaful

I'm gonna be totally honest with you- I am obsessed with this suit. I was worried I would be constantly pulling at it and making sure nothing pops out, but I actually felt really comfortable in it. It's tight enough that everything stays in place, but the open back makes it breathable and loose enough that you don't feel like you've been squeezed into it. I think it's super cool how it looks like a bikini from behind, and the print is a tropical must have. This is now one of my all-time favorite suits, and you can get your sexy Zaful suit here for only $20!


That's Bananas Swimsuit by Batoko

As many people know me for my fun and goofy personality, this suit is absolutely perfect for me. It's a flattering fit and I absolutely love the purple color, plus the banana pattern is adorable and eye-catching without looking too childish. I recently discovered this brand on Instagram and already have my eye on several other suits from there. Check out this super cute bananas suit as well as some other awesome ones right here.


High Cut Olive Green Swimsuit from Dippin' Daisy's

If you're going for the slightly more understated and classy look, you will absolutely adore this suit. It's refreshingly simple and goes perfectly with a big hat, sunnies, or in this case- both! If you're looking for a suit you can wear a million different times and accessorize a billion different ways, this one is perfect for that. It fits like a glove, and I was able to wear this for a day on the boat without having to keep pulling or readjusting it. I'm a huuuge fan, get yours here before they are sold out!


Mermaid Off Duty Swimsuit from Zaful

As a mermaid-obsessed person, I could not wait to wear this suit to the beach. The blue pattern is super summery, and who wouldn't love a suit that says "Mermaid Off Duty" on it?? I also loved how the light blue color made myself, a habitually pale person, look tan! What a lovely surprise. If you're a fellow mermaid yourself, you NEED to get this suit right here right now.


Blue Surf Swimsuit from Forever 21

There is SO much to love about this swimsuit, from the bright blue color to the mesh side panels and strappy back. I love the simple wording on the front and, just like the other suit featured from Forever 21, it fits perfectly. I cannot emphasize enough how much I love a swimsuit that stays put when you're swimming in the ocean or spiking a volleyball. Unfortunately this suit is currently sold out, but you can check out the rest of the one pieces available from Forever 21 right here.

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen- my top one piece picks for this summer! I tried to include lots of different styles and colors so I hope you were able to find the perfect one for you. If there's anything you take away from today's post, I hope it's that one piece swimsuits are super flattering on every body type and that being young is the best time to splurge on something slightly frivolous like a new swimsuit :)

OMG I almost forgot- contest time! Congratulations to @mareshan on Instagram for winning one of these fabulous swimsuits, I'll be in touch to schedule your shipment. If you're super sad that you didn't win- don't worry! I have one more giveaway for you today and all you need to do is subscribe below to be entered. The winner will receive one Mermaid Off Duty swimsuit in sky blue and will be announced right here next Tuesday. Good luck my lovely readers!

Thanks for following along, now get out there to rock your trendy one pieces

Tesni Alys

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