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DIY Ice Cream Letters

DIY Ice Cream Letters

Happy Tuesday my beautiful readers!

I decided to bring the sweetness this Tuesday because a lot of you have been asking about my ice cream letters for quite some time now. I came up with the design in the Fall of 2015, and since then they've become a huge hit on Etsy and Pinterest- yayy! I have loved making ice cream letters for so many of you, but I have now decided to give you all a tutorial so you can try them out yourself! There are so many different color combinations and styles, so I want you all to get CREATIVE. This tutorial is super simple and the supplies are cheap, so go forth and let your sugary flag fly!

Ice Cream Letter Tutorial

Total Time: 30 minutes


The cardboard letters are sold at Jo Ann Fabrics and Michael's and cost $3-$24 depending on the size (the one pictured was $3.50). You can get paint for a few bucks each, and a pencil and three paintbrushes for less than $6. The total cost for this tutorial was $12 (I already had most of the paint)

Step 1

Use your pencil to roughly outline how you want your dripping ice cream to look. You can make big or little drips- it's totally up to you! I like to put a big dollop of ice cream at the bottom of the letter too, so don't forget to draw that in if you want it there.

Step 2

It's time to start painting. Start painting the ice cream part of the letter with the thick paintbrush to cover the big parts. I use white but by all means, you can use brown (chocolate), pink (strawberry) or go crazy with the green (mint chocolate chip!) Once you have painted the large sections you can switch to your smaller paintbrush to get around those curves and details. Don't worry if it doesn't look perfect yet, you can apply as many coats as you need. I reccomend at least two so that the paint doesn't look blotchy or unfinished.

Step 3

After you have painted 2+ full coats on the top, you can get started on the cone. I like to use a cream/yellow color, the tube I used for this tutorial was called "Sunflower". Just as you did with the ice cream, you're going to paint the cone with the thick paintbrush first and then use the thin paintbrush to get in those little corners and crevices you might have missed.

Step 4

It's the moment you have all been waiting for...SPRINKLE TIME! This is my favorite part because you finally get to use some poppin' color, so grab your favorite paint and get to sprinklin'. Use the other thin paintbrush to delicately paint thin lines, painting all of the sprinkles in one color before moving on to the next shade. This is where you can really make this design your own, so pleaaase go for it! If sprinkles aren't your thing, try painting chocolate chips or gummy bears.

Step 5

Once you have sprinkled to your heart's desire, it's time to paint the lines on the cone. You can use either brown or gold paint depending on what look you're going for, I used gold for this tutorial because I like the way it shimmers in the light. Start off in a corner and paint a diagonal line across the letter, but don't freak out if it's not completely straight. You'll be crossing over the lines later anyways so you'll barely notice. Keep painting those lines until you run out of room!

Step 6

Once you've painted the first layer of diagonal lines, you can start painting a new set of lines going the opposite way. This will make the lines cross and look like a funky waffle cone! As for the sides of the letter, you can paint a bunch of X's with that same gold or brown paint. If this sounds confusing just look at the pictures below and hopefully you'll understand what I'm babbling on about.

Step 7

This is the final step, we're almost there! This step is also optional depending on how you want your letters to look. You can either leave them the way they are or grab a black sharpie and outline the ice cream drips and blobs. I like to make it look a little more cartoony, so I took a minute or two to add the black outline.

And there you have it people, you are now an official ice-cream-letter-professional! The great thing about these letters is the ability to personalize and customize the design, so get creative and share your pics with me on social media. Don't forget to tag me @tesnialys so I can see your work, and my favorites will receive a special gift in the mail :) 

Here are some pics of other ice cream letters I have made in the past if you're looking for some different ways to display them- making a wall of crafts and paintings is my personal favorite.

All of these pieces and more are available at my Etsy shop  Tesni's  :)

All of these pieces and more are available at my Etsy shop Tesni's :)

Greek letters work really well too!

Greek letters work really well too!

Thanks for stopping by my site to check out this tutorial, and I really hope you make your own with a little twist! If you have any questions for me or suggestions for future posts/tutorials you want to see, just let me know in the comment section below. Finally, if your name starts with a B and you like these letters then it is your lucky day- you can have the letter I made in this tutorial! Just write your name below and I will contact you to have them shipped to your residence.

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I hope the rest of your day is as sweet as you and these letters are!



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